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Pre-Employment / Pre-Promotion Testing
Offering employment or promotion only after a negative drug test result.

The goal of pre-employment or pre-promotion testing is to decrease the chance of hiring or promoting someone who is currently using or abusing drugs.

Post-Accident Testing
Testing employees who are involved in an accident (or unsafe incident) to help determine whether alcohol or drug use was a factor.

The goal of post-accident testing is to protect the safety of the employees, and to identify and refer to treatment those persons whose alcohol or other drug use threatens the safety of the workplace.

Random Testing
Testing a random selected group of employees. Most commonly used in safety and security sensitive positions.

The goal of random testing is to discourage use and abuse by making testing unpredictable, and to identify current users and abusers so they can be referred for assistance and/or disciplinary action if needed.

Follow-up and or Return to Duty Testing
Follow-up / Periodically testing employees who return to work after participating in an alcohol or other drug rehabilitation program.

Return to Duty / Testing employees after a long term medical leave. This works the same as pre-employment testing.

The goal of follow-up / return to duty testing is to encourage and ensure that employees remain drug and or alcohol free.

Reasonable Suspicion Testing
Testing employees who show obvious signs of being unfit for duty or have documented patterns of unsafe work behavior (Reasonable Suspicion).

The goal of reasonable suspicion testing is to protect the safety and well-being of the employee and other coworkers and to provide the opportunity for rehabilitation if the employee tests positive.

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Medical Review Officer [MRO]
This is a licensed physician who reviews test results and reports the findings directly to the employer to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the test results.

  • Serves as arbitrator between the laboratory and the employer
  • Reviews and interpret positive results
  • Examines the possible alternate medical explanations for any positive results
  • Examines medical records and data on the individual being tested

The MRO makes the final decision on all test results


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